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The ECK Land is designed for mobile use and can be easily transported.

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Ecotechnics special product for the refrigerant R134a or HFO1234yf.
The ECK Land is designed for mobile use and can be easily transported.

ECK-LAND – Mobile fully automatic A/C service station for recovery, recycling and recharging with the refrigerant R134a or HFO1234yf in outdoor use. The high refrigerant recovery rate ensures today’s undeletable contribution to environmental protection. The service valves are operated manually.

ECK-LAND – Easy to use. The alphanumerical display guides the operator through the logical and professional menu navigation. The data input is made on a separate keypad with additional function buttons. The menu navigation is Ecotechnics- like and guides even inexperienced operators safely through the A/C service.

ECK-LAND– The A/C system pressure test can be worked out very quickly by the manual service valves and helps to measure up the A/C system.

ECK-LAND – Fast and easy scale protection with easy lock. To protect the internal gas balance, all Ecotechnics A/C service stations are equipped with a scale protection device. In this mobile station, it can be reached and operated very quickly.

ECK-LAND – Mobile and fast! The menu- driven service hose length is compensated by running A/C system after recharging and the A/C pressure test. The pressure sensors can be easily calibrated. The discharge of the “non-condensable” gases from the internal tank takes place automatically. Thermal printer, static diagnostics, as well as strong and professionally designed components, create this special A/C service station.

ECK-LAND – The workshop-oriented design is user-friendly, space-saving and the case is made of metal. As an option is available the trolley which enables agile moving in the workshop. The materials used are of high quality and make the machine resistant and strong.

      • Strong steel coated casing
      • Automatic new oil charging
      • Compact size and easy to transport
      • Large manometers easy to read
      • Manual discharge of noncondensable gases
      • Automatic service alarm
      • Integrated database allowing the user to enter new vehicle models
      • Automatic internal tank refilling
      • Refrigerant management
      • Guided leak test
      • Scale protection with an easy lock




USB PORT for software and Data Base


TROLLEY (OPTION) 540x440x500 mm, 11 kg

Technical Specifications

Fully automatic station for recovering, recycling, and recharging R134a or HFO1234yf refrigerant for agricultural and earth moving vehicles

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