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VLT Speedometer Testers

VLT has a range of Speedometer Testers from 1500 kg, 6000 kg up to 14000 kg, developed for intensive and heavy use in Automobile Test Stations.

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VLT Speedometer Testers

Sku: VLT-016

VLT has a range of Speedometer Testers from 1500 kg, 6000 kg up to 14000 kg, developed for intensive and heavy use in Automobile Test Stations. All models consist of 4 special coated rollers of which 2 rollers are connected by a propeller-shaft on which the electronic pulse counter is fitted. The signals are sent to the Speedometer controller.
The results are displayed on a 22″TFT-LCD monitor.

Speedometer Testers are available in TEST LANE or STAND-ALONE version.

The software is standard or tailor made.

The VLT 1885 and VLT 3885 are available with a taximeter conversion. This means that in a taximeter configuration an electrical motor is driving the rollers, ensuring that the reading is very accurate (less sound and no emissions).
All models are very robust and can be classified as top of the market, with high value for its price, fitted with a fast hydraulic lifting system which locks the rollers when the lift is up. The 14000 kg version has an independent roller braking system. A hydraulic lifting system is more expensive as the common pneumatic system, but more powerful and more reliable, especially with heavy use of the Speedometer. The Test Lane version has a drive-in place sensor device for full automatic use and safety protection.

Technical Specifications

Stand-alone version
Test Lane version
VLT 1885/M
VLT 1885/M/TL
VLT 3885/M
VLT 3885/M/TL
VLT 6885/M
VLT 66885/M/TL
VLT 14885/M
VLT 14885/M/TL
Maximum testing speed standard90 km/h160 km/h140 km/h120 km/h
Maximum testing speed120 km/h200 km/h175 km/h150 km/h
Maximum drive-over weight (axle)2000 kg5000 kg8000 kg18000 kg
Maximum testing weight (axle)1000 kg3500 kg6000 kg14000 kg
Roller dimensions250 x 650 mm238 x 860 mm315 x 950 mm400 x 1100 mm
Centre-to-centre rollers325 mm375 mm500 mm630 mm
Minimum / maximum testing width600 x 1900 mm880 x 2600 mm850 x 2750 mm800 x 3000 mm
All rollers raised by40 mm40 mm40 mm40 mm
Roller set dimensions (w x l x d)725 x 3070 x 450 mm930 x 3250 x 450 mm1190 x 3484 x 640 mm
Hydraulic pump unit 400 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz1.5 kW3.0 kW3.0 kW3.0 kW
Approx. net weight1240 kg1825 kg2985 kg
Monitor versionVLT 1885/M/22″

VLT 3885/M/22″ TFT/CON

VLT 8885/M/22″ TFT/CONVLT 14885/M/22″ TFT/CON
Test lane version

TFT-LCD monitor 32″

Taximeter extension

available only on VLT 1885/M – VLT 1885/M/TL – VLT 3885/M and VLT 3885/M/TL

Taximeter option VLT 1885 and VLT 3885 onlyVLT 1885/40VLT 3885/60
Electric motor 400 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz3.0 kW7.5 kW
Testing speed approx.40 km/h60 km/h
start-up taximeter by soft-start controller
Special version:motor drive for Speed Warning Device
tachometer on drive axle
tachometer testing without vehicle engine
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