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Ecotechnics for HFO1234yf or R134a

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ECK 3900 Premium


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Consistently with the highest performance and efficiency standards for Black Line design, the project of this A/C service station artfully combines various components to offer a very attractive and powerful machine for refrigerants R134a or HFO1234yf.
Fully automatic A/C service station for recovery, recycling and recharging with refrigerants HFO1234yf or R134a. The high refrigerant recovery rate ensures a crucial contribution to environmental protection. The patented and very compact aluminium manifold makes the A/C service station unique and fast, reducing internal piping and, thereby, increasing efficiency and reliability. The 5″ LCD display guarantees easy and intuitive menu navigation, with a graphical representation of the procedures and selection of possible options with a short description. The patented hybrid function for electrically driven compressors is a very efficient cleaning system for service couplings, service hoses and internal lines. Further features are standard, including three hermetic containers, pressure test with forming gas or nitrogen, and the status light. The machine can be easily upgraded within 10 minutes with the gas identifier, thus protecting it from contaminated refrigerants in order to enhance both safety and environmental protection. It further helps to avoid unexpected costs resulting from repair services on the contaminated machine.

This special solution proposed by Ecotechnics for current and future workshops is studied to achieve speed and savings within the Black Line Design. The fully equipped A/C service station with the performance required for safe and professional service with refrigerants HFO1234yf or R134a.

OEM Approvals: PSA, Renault, Mitsubishi, Honda, Volvo

Technical Specifications

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