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Ecotechnics for different types of refrigerant

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The easy solution for tomorrow’s workshop

ECK NEXT is the new model designed for different types of refrigerants. Future-oriented and premium quality components make ECK NEXT the most valuable A/C service station.

Fully automatic A/C service station for recovery, recycling and recharging of different types of refrigerant. The innovative and exclusive solution allows to set the R134a or the HFO1234yf gas directly during activation in the workshop. ECK NEXT offers outstanding “value for money” as it is very easy to use with its 5” touch screen display. With its modular features, the machine can be configured to meet the most specific needs. The upgrade with the Gas Analyser detects the different components of the refrigerant, and the result provides information about their percentages. Further, this innovative solution offers the benefit of an external Analyser (no contamination of the A/C Station) without taking up any external space; Hybrid Kit and Wi-Fi Connectivity complete the optional key points of this machine. The unit is equipped with the original Ecotechnics hermetic universal oil (AEK285-N) and also with a refillable container. The Ecotechnics C.A.R. method (Compressor Assisted Recharge) allows fast and accurate gas charging also in high temperature conditions. With the advanced technology based on an innovative solenoid valve system, ECK NEXT consumes 20% less energy than the previous models. The futuristic design conceived by a designer expert in the motorcycle industry was applied to the machine’s features by exploiting information provided by numberless workshops organised by Ecotechnics over the years.

The result is easy serviceability: less than 30” to open the revolving control panel and less than 2 min. to remove both plastic covers and access all the internal components. Further, ECK NEXT grants excellent manoeuvrability as a result of the considerable axial distance between the two wheels. User-friendly features: pressure gauges and touch screen are perfectly inclined for excellent ergonomics.

Technical Specifications

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